Xbox Durango: the new gaming console from Microsoft

Xbox Durango

The guys from VGLeaks , already known for having revealed information (which later turned out to be true) on the past generations of the Xbox home console from Microsoft , have published some information on the network on the next generation of Xbox which, even if many already identify with the name of Xbox 720 , they have revealed that his name will be Durango .

It seems inspired by the title of a colossal film but, the new Xbox from Microsoft, according to what was said by the guys at VGLeaks, will present itself with some characteristics of distinct disadvantage, which perhaps will push users to choose its biggest competitor, the PlayStation. 4 which, according to what Sony revealed, should be launched after summer 2013.

Coming to us, the Xbox Durango should feature a weird logic board that will need to be permanently connected to the internet to work. For both Single and Multiplayer games, you will have to be connected to your Xbox Live account and this will make it really difficult for beginners to use.

However, since no rumors from Microsoft have yet been revealed, the information disseminated by the guys at VGLeaks cannot yet be considered official and, to the delight of gamers, we hope that they will not become there.

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