What to do before formatting a PC / Mac?


Formatting a computer is an operation that is now “encountered several times in life”, especially for technology enthusiasts who like to keep up, or even for those who simply sell their computer and want to be sure not to give sensitive information about if to the buyer.

Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, a computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Lunix makes no difference. Formatting a computer is now an almost standardized operation by programmers who have decided, following the increasing spread of computers in the world, to make life easier even for less experienced users.

Therefore, after you have equipped yourself with the CDs or recovery keys and made sure of the necessary procedure for formatting , here are some things that we would like to remind you and that, once the computer is formatted, will inevitably be irrecoverable, unless you use solutions professional and often very expensive:

  1. First, make sure you have made a backup of the most important data, including music, documents, photos and notes , by passing everything on a stick and maybe even making a real full backup if you have the appropriate resources (hard disk external, tested and working programs for full backup);
  2. If one of your needs is the use of an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook or others, remember to also make a copy of the most important emails and, if supported, maybe also save the client settings on a USB stick, so to be restored later without redoing everything from the beginning;
  3. Remember, what is very important, that the computer, whatever it may be, needs to install drivers that recognize all the internal components of the computer in order to function optimally . If you have no idea what we are talking about, then download this program that will surely help you and above all it will not make you “lose your head” after formatting;
  4. Are you sure you don’t forget anything? Well then open the browser and realize that a very useful resource was being lost: the favorites . The latter can be saved using the “export bookmarks / favorites” function of your favorite browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari, it makes no difference;
  5. The ‘ anti-virus is a very important component, especially if you use Windows. Make sure you have a copy or, if you are using free software, write down somewhere that you need to reinstall it. Is crucial.
  6. The last thing we recommend before proceeding is to make a list of all the programs you use most so as to reinstall them once the computer is formatted.

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