Socl: here is the new Microsoft social network

Microsoft social network

Tired of Facebook? Well, what about, there are many alternatives on the net, even if not so busy. They range from Pinterest , the well-known social network based on images, to Instagram , which is also based on images but to which only iOS and Android users can have access; then, finally, Twitter , the very famous “social network of VIPs”, where you can express your opinion in just 140 characters.

In short, on the Internet there is a wide choice, since there are not only the 3 listed above but, today, we will not talk about an alternative to Facebook, but a portal that allows you to improve the experience of all web lovers: Socl, the new Microsoft social network which, despite being still in the test phase, has already opened its doors to all users, gaining immediate admiration from all those who use the new Windows 8 operating system , which inspired it with its “Metro” style graphics.

Coming to the point, Socl is nothing more than a social network based on web searches ; it can be accessed with your Windows Live or Outlook account or even by entering your Facebook profile credentials; once you enter, you will immediately be shown “mosaics”, which are the strong point on which Socl is based. Through the mosaics, in fact, you can group all the links and web searches made on a specific topic and share them with your friends, who will be able to follow you through the classic “Follow” button, as you can do with them and with whom you deem appropriate. .

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