Putting passwords to a pen-drive

passwords to a pen-drive

How to put the password on a pen-drive to avoid that they can access it in our absence or in case of loss of the same? If this question is in your needs, then you are in the right guide, since in this article we will explain in a simple and fast way how to put a password on a pen-drive or USB stick.

To encrypt the contents of our pen-drive of several GB, we will use a program that is as comfortable as it is easy and free; we are talking about TrueCrypt, a freeware software compatible with all Windows operating systems which, once installed on your computer, will allow you to “install” a password protection on your USB stick and more.

The first step to put a password on a pen drive is to download TrueCrypt ; once you enter the page click on the green button “Download” and wait for the installation file to finish downloading. At this point, install TrueCrypt on your computer and launch the program.

At this point connect the USB key or pen drive that you want to protect with a password to the computer and start by passing all the data contained in it to the computer and formatting it. In the TrueCrypt program window go now to Tools, in the top bar, and select the item ‘ ‘ Traveler Disk Setup… “. In the window that opens, click on the “Browse” button, select your key and click on the “Create” button. After a few seconds a confirmation message will appear, close it and go to the next step.

Now open the key from My Computer and start the program contained in it, TrueCrypt Format.exe, and click Next twice in a row. In the window that opens, click on the “Select file” button and write the word “encrypted” in the File name field. Now click on save, obviously making sure that the file is saved on the stick.

Once you have arrived here, click on Next twice in succession and in the Volume Size screen copy the numerical value written in “Free spaces on drive is” by clicking on the Next button again. The next ”Volume Password” window will be the one in which you will have to enter the pen drive password , proceeding and accepting in the next screens until you click on Format; once you click on the latter, you will finally have put the password on your pen drive .

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