Phone blocked by the operator with IMEI. How to unlock it?


Is your phone locked by the operator with IMIEI? Do you want to know how to unlock it? Have you already asked all your friends how to do it but none of them gave you the right solution? So here we are with this guide with which we hope to help you solve this unpleasant problem that, many times, takes users by surprise without them having committed any “scam” against the operator who holds the device lock .

If you have a phone locked by the operator with IMIEI , be it Wind, Vodafone, Tre or Tim, there is a very simple thing to do that can easily lead you to unlock it. In this case we are not talking about modifying the smartphone software or changing IMEI (since it is also illegal), but about contacting your operator explaining the problem, obviously arming yourself with patience and a lot, a great desire to do. Before you get to work, however, you must know that it will obviously not be enough to make a call to unlock the phone, but you will obviously need to be aware of some details.

Below we will report all the details of the procedure we tested (which ended with the expected result) with the operator Vodafone. Obviously, you can take a cue from this guide to do the best with yours too.

First of all, here is all the information we were able to find on the web by finding all the posts written by people whose device has been blocked by Vodafone:

  • Vodafone always blocks phones via IMEI  when the subscriber of the subscription does not pay;
  • The other operators almost never do this;
  • Vodafone hardly unlocks the locked phone via IMEI;
  • Changing IMEI on a locked phone is illegal;
  • In some cities there are  Chinese shops that illegally change IMEI over the phone;
  • On older smartphones (Galaxy S2 and similar)  you can change IMEI manually with the ROOT  and some other steps, there are many dedicated guides on the net;
  • On Galaxy S3 and similar you cannot change IMEI , except with a special hardware tool ( Octopus Box ), which however is expensive and you have to be able to use it;
  • There are US and UK sites that unlock IMEI locked phones, but it does NOT work if the phones are locked for theft or loss . These sites only unlock phones locked by the operator. None of these sites can unlock a phone with an IMEI blocked due to theft or loss;
  • Initially the IMEI block works only with the operator who requested it  and for a few days the smartphone will continue to work, for example with SIMs from other operators, but then the block also extends to other operators, since the IMEI of your smartphone it is included in a blacklist shared by operators at national level;
  • The IMEI lock is only valid at the national level , so abroad the phone will work without problems;
  • There are sites that allow you to check if your phone’s IMEI has been blocked, but they DO NOT work . For example, I tried this site: , according to which, however, the phone we tested worked correctly;
  • The only site in the world that allows you to  check if a phone is stolen or blocked via IMEI (and that really works) is this: . Unfortunately it is paid, but it is the only super updated that really tells you if a phone has been blocked or not via IMEI.

Arrived this far, here is the solution, obviously to be adapted to your operator (if different from Vodafone) by retrieving the exact fax number and the right information:

  1. Send a fax to  800034651
  2. Write the fax following these guidelines:
    ”Dear Vodafone Omnitel NV ManagerFAX 800-034651Uff. Competent Customer ServiceAddress (for possible shipment) P.O.Box 190CAP 10015City Ivrea (TO)I, the undersigned XXX born in XXX, resident in XXX, in via XXX,I DECLAREto have purchased the XXX phone with IMEI code XXX on XXX from the reseller / private XXX. I have regularly purchased the XXX phone as shown in the attached proof of purchase and have been in regular possession of it for XXX months / weeks.After XXX months of perfect functioning, the phone inexplicably stopped working. Following a telephone contact with your customer service 190, I have discovered that the phone in question has been unfairly blocked with an IMEI code and consequently I, who am the regular owner, can no longer use it. This is causing me evident damage both personally and professionally.I therefore ask for the immediate unlocking of the XXX phone with IMEI code and for its regular operation to be restored.I enclose a copy of the sales document and my identity document.For any communication please contact me at the following telephone number: XXX XXXXXXSincerely,XXX “

You will need to enrich the fax with all the possible information you know of, so that they convince the staff to unlock your phone. In our case, about a week after sending the fax, without having received any confirmation, we received this message on the telephone indicated:

“The phone you requested has been unlocked”

It goes without saying that the result achieved was truly a great relief, and that is why we decided to share this experience with you, so as to give a path to follow to all those who, like us, had lost all hope.

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