Phone blocked by the operator with IMEI. How to unlock it?

Is your phone locked by the operator with IMIEI? Do you want to know how to unlock it? Have you already asked all your friends how to do it but none of them gave you the right solution? So here we are with this guide with which we hope to help you solve this unpleasant problem that, many […]

Putting passwords to a pen-drive

How to put the password on a pen-drive to avoid that they can access it in our absence or in case of loss of the same? If this question is in your needs, then you are in the right guide, since in this article we will explain in a simple and fast way how to put a password […]

What to do before formatting a PC / Mac?

Formatting a computer is an operation that is now “encountered several times in life”, especially for technology enthusiasts who like to keep up, or even for those who simply sell their computer and want to be sure not to give sensitive information about if to the buyer. Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, a […]

Memory almost full error on Android. How to fix

Are you also plagued by the “Memory almost full” problem on your Android smartphone? And then you know that you are on the right guide, since after several attempts, we at Golook-Technology have managed to solve the problem. To solve the annoying “Memory almost full” problem we will use the following 4 simple steps: Delete […]

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