Here is Microsoft’s Smart Watch with Windows 8

As reported by The Wall Street Journal in the last few hours, after the confirmations from Apple , LG, Samsung and Google, Microsoft is also about to produce its own smart watch. The device in question, unlike those in production by the other giants, however, would not support further devices, but would work autonomously; equipped with Windows 8 , in fact, the expected smart […]

Socl: here is the new Microsoft social network

Tired of Facebook? Well, what about, there are many alternatives on the net, even if not so busy. They range from Pinterest , the well-known social network based on images, to Instagram , which is also based on images but to which only iOS and Android users can have access; then, finally, Twitter , the very famous “social network of VIPs”, where you can […]

Xbox Durango: the new gaming console from Microsoft

The guys from VGLeaks , already known for having revealed information (which later turned out to be true) on the past generations of the Xbox home console from Microsoft , have published some information on the network on the next generation of Xbox which, even if many already identify with the name of Xbox 720 , they have revealed that his name will […]

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