Best Video Games for eSports Betting

While bettors are on the lookout for sports games to bet on, the cyber sports industry is booming. If you don’t have anything to bet on, while you’re quarantined we recommend that you dive into the new world of online games betting where the intensity of the struggle is not inferior to the sports. We’ll help you understand the basics so you’ll know which broadcasts to look for and where to bet on eSports.


EA Sports’ FIFA is one of the dinosaurs of cyber sports disciplines. Virtual football started gaining popularity back in the early 2000s. FIFA was featured in the major cybersport competitions – WCG, ESWC. Along with the popularity of cyber football the popularity of betting on this discipline grew. But you need to decide what exactly you want to bet on, because FIFA is divided into two types: cybersport match (where real people play) and computer game simulation (cyber football). 

The second option is more relevant nowadays because there are no real matches and all the teams are copies of real football clubs.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) – one of the most popular online team games, refers to the genre of battle arena (MOBA). LoL matches involve two teams of five players each challenging a champion to compete on the same map.

The goal of the team is to destroy the enemy base, which is in foreign territory. When placing a bet on one team or the other, you need to consider which champions the players are using.

Dota 2

An equally popular multiplayer online team game in the MOBA genre developed by Valve Corporation is Dota 2. The game’s main objective is to destroy a strategic building at your opponent’s base.

It is defended by defensive towers located along three lines that connect the team bases. Players are divided into two opposing factions with five players each. Just like in LoL, in Dota 2 you must place bets based on the abilities of the heroes used.


Fortnite’s popularity is growing exponentially. The game was launched in 2017 by Epic Games, and it only took them two years to create a massive event that has attracted over 2 million viewers worldwide.

Unlike direct competitors such as PUBG, Epic Games’ project uses crafting mechanics. Thus, in the game you do not just have to run, shoot and collect weapons, but also need to intelligently collect resources and build structures.

It is worth noting that all of the above bets can be placed in both pre-match and in-play modes.

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